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Achieve your perfect smile with the help of lumineers!

Receive this revolutionary treatment to enhance your smile to perfection

At Dental Clinic at World Tower, we understand the stress and embarrassment of an imperfect smile, which is why we offer porcelain veneers at our Sydney dental practice! Many Australians suffer with crooked, misaligned, discoloured and broken smiles, which directly impacts their self-esteem and confidence. If you have an imperfect smile and wish to enhance your teeth without painful surgery or intrusive treatments, then lumineers may be for you!

Lumineers at Dental Clinic at World Tower…

Lumineers have a unique strength and can be created to the thinness of a contact lens! Lumineers require little to no preparation of the existing tooth structure, which means you can achieve your perfect smile with little to no downtime!

The benefits of lumineers…

Other than correcting your smile quickly and painlessly, lumineers are:

Non Invasive

• Requires little to no drilling or tooth grinding to prepare teeth for bonding.
• Dental anaesthetic may not be needed.
• Placement is quick and painless.
• They are even reversible!
Aesthetically Pleasing
• Highly translucent, so they replicate the natural appearance of enamel.
• As thin as a contact lens (usually 0.2 to 0.3 mm).
• Improves discoloured, stained, chipped or misaligned teeth.

Strong and Durable

• Clinically proven to last a minimum of 20 years.
• Bonded entirely to tooth enamel- creating an incredibly strong bond.
• Drink and eat whatever you want!
• Unlike porcelain veneers, lumineers do not reduce the chewing ability of front teeth.

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